Specialist Dementia Care

We understand dealing with the challenges of Dementia can be a time of uncertainty. We are here to support and provide guidance so allowing for clarity and understanding to make it easier for both family, friends and resident. The Doddington Lodge family have an attentive, caring team who will be there every step of the way.

We will provide the essential care for residents with Dementia, as more attentive, specialist care will be required. Our newly refurbished residential care home offers a Specialist Dementia Care facility, with first-class professionals that are highly qualified in the specific area of Dementia Care.

Individuals with Dementia and family members will be going through a difficult time as people living with Dementia often find it difficult to maintain their memory, as well as their social awareness and surroundings being confused. The type of care we offer meets all the needs and more when caring for a patient with this illness.

To help residents with memory loss and difficulties in making sense of surroundings, one of the many ways we help residences be as independent as possible is to create memory box’s which are placed outside the door of all of the Dementia residents’ rooms. It can be a lovely activity that the family can get involved with upon moving in, where the transparent memory box can be filled with pictures, letters and belongings that have significance to the resident. Not only does this memory box give them the independence to know where their room is, but to also bring back times that were special and close to their hearts.

We have many more resources to help try to regain the special memories, it is our promise to support you and provide the most attentive care whilst also giving you or your loved ones a luxury, calming atmosphere and safe place to live.

At Doddington Lodge, the way we provide care is unique as we consider each and every resident and member of the team one big family. The relationships we build is a fundamental part of feeling at home. We find the building blocks of these relationships are based on compassion, empathy and understanding which really helps the residents feel part of a loving and caring community.

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Choosing Doddington Lodge as your home is a decision that we hope we can help with. Come and visit our home or call to find out more information. We look forward to welcoming you and your family.

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