History at Doddington Lodge

Doddington Lodge has a prominent history, which sparks interest locally as well as within our team and residents finding it astonishing what our home is built on. The beautiful country side of Doddington, Shropshire has a heritage that remains untouched. We are amongst the vibrant countryside and historical buildings of Doddington built as a ‘fine country residence’ back in the 1840’s when the lodge was a rectory to St. John's church.

The Story begins when Doddington Lodge served as a residence for the first two ministers of Doddington, from 1849 until 1897.

Following on from the death of Rev. Herbert Woodward in 1897 the lodge was then sold into private ownership in 1910 to the start of WWII. The two owners that Doddington Lodge had from 1910-1939 had extensive interest in local quarried. These two owners had a vast amount in common, other than the local quarries, wealth was another factor. They would entertain on a grand scale, they filled the lodge with large amounts of domestic staff and made Doddington Lodge a place of wealth and hospitality.

During the Years of WWII, the Air Ministry took over. The entertaining at Doddington Lodge became something of the past when it was to become accommodation of RAF personnel and later for WAAF personnel. The occupants of Doddington lodge during WWII all operated the radar station, bets known as RAF Clee Hill.

In November of 1946, once WWII was over and there was no War use for the lodge, it was sold back into civilian ownership at auction. When the home was sold back into civilisation it was sold complete with a certificate to cover the destruction which Doddington Lodge accrued during its military occupation.

Post war the ownerships varied. Present day, in 2018 Doddington Lodge Residential home was bought by current owner Luke wellings, and is now a family run care facility with a luxurious refurbishment taking place in 2019, now reopened as a beautiful, fully equipped, dementia friendly home. Doddington Lodge has an amazing heritage and we are proud to be apart of it. Here at Doddington Lodge we continue to make history.

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